Oversize loads and Industrial assembly

SIMI was established in 1975. From the very start, it has stood out in the assembly and transport sector. Business activities initially focused mainly on large public works, but these were gradually integrated with significant participation in oversize loads. From the late eighties, regular investments were made in human resources, equipment and vehicles, with the aim of increasing the company’s presence in the worlds of plant engineering and power. Constant specialization, a large fleet of own vehicles, flexibility and a more rapid response to customer needs have projected SIMI to the top of the domestic oversize load market. Such steady growth has called for the creation of an operational area to keep an eye on technical aspects right from the preliminary stages of the project, providing clients with suggestions and solutions based on our specific know-how and technological innovation in the industry.

Oversize road transport

Ability to convey oversize loads weighing up to 1800 tonnes.

Intermodal transport

Possibility of embarking oversize and standard-size loads on charter ships and liners.

Industrial assembly and Positioning

Industrial assembly and foundation positioning of oversize loads weighing up to 1600 tonnes.

Our Clients